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Fannie Mae Announces New Program to Stimulate Sales of Selected Condo Units in Miami

Fannie Mae just announced that it will accept loans made on Miami-Dade condo units at the following 51 locations locations. It is anticipated that sellers in these 51 condos will substantially benefit from the availability of financing which up to recently was not available or simply very difficult to obtain...Read More

Real Estate Headlines
Profiting From a Mortgage Crisis
Mortgage-technology specialist Lender Processing Services has a booming foreclosure-processing business, and it has other services that should help it in better times
Mortgage Rates Drop as 2010 Opens
Mortgage rates dropped this week, an about face after weeks of creeping up, according to Freddie Mac's weekly survey of conforming mortgage rates
Growing Families Cozy Up Rather Than Move Up
Job, housing markets make moving up a tougher option
Flaky Market
Foreclosure Glut Deflates Even 'cream puff' Sales
Seeking a Housing Recovery
Gains in home sales have been driven by government stimulus, leading some to wonder if the nascent housing recovery needs federal assistance
Pending Home Sales Index Plunges 16%
Pending home sales plunged a seasonally adjusted 16% from October to November
The End of 2009's Ultra-low Interest Rates is Coming
Listen, the Federal Reserve is telling you something: Last year's ultra-low interest rates will soon be only a memory
Mortgage Application Volumes Fall Over Holidays, Data Show
Applications filed for mortgages dropped during the week of Christmas compared with the week before
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Searching by Place

Each week we will be featuring a new tip to help you take full advantage of the tools Homekeys has to offer. This week's tip is "Searching by Place." If you have any suggestions about tips you'd like to see, feel free to Contact Us.

If you want to move close to a particular venue you can find listings nearby using our built in Find Places search. Above the left sidebar are three tabs. Click the one on the right that says Find Places. If you need help at anytime, there are instructions and tips just below the search area. Type in the place that you want to live near and then click Search.

The system will return the first eight search results. If you click Map Results, the map will zoom in as close as it can while still keeping the search results on the page. Select any place from the list to find it on the map.

Once you’ve located the place you are trying to live near, you can zoom into the surrounding area or, if you don’t have a preference, you can leave the map as it is. Click the Search Listings tab to filter the listing results. If you click Map Search the system will populate the map and thumbnail list with listings that meet your search criteria, while still displaying the locations of the “Place(s)” you originally searched for. Until you click the <Clear Search> button under the Find Places tab the system will continue to locate your specified point or points of interest with every map change.

You can also use the Search Map Area(s) tool, located in the top right corner of the map, to help you find listings in the neighborhoods surrounding the hospitals. For more on how to use the Search Map Area(s) tool see the video How to Search Using the Map.

Searching by Place could be used by older couples who want to live close to a hospital, families and college students who want to live close to a certain school, or people looking to move closer to where they work or go to church.

For more search help, visit our Video Tutorials page

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