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Return to Old Ways Won't Save Real Estate

The following is an Inman News Roadmap to Recovery Q&A with Manuel J. Iraola, president and CEO for Homekeys, a company that offers online real estate tools and services. This is what he said in January 2009 and this is what he would say again in January 2010... Read More

Real Estate Headlines
Real Estate in Cape Coral Is Far From a Recovery
The Florida city, a reluctant symbol for the excesses of the real estate bubble, shows how far the recovery has to go
U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes
Some economists contend that the Obama administration's $75 billion program to prevent foreclosures has done more harm than good
A Trickle From the Equity Tap
Even though home prices have stabilized, fewer people have enough equity in their homes to qualify for a line of credit
Confessions of an Underwater Homeowner
One in four borrowers is underwater on a mortgage in the U.S.
Beyond the Mortgage Payment
Before buying your first home, brace yourself for these extra costs
Debtor´s Dilemma: Pay the Mortgage or Walk Away
In down Real-Estate Market, homeowners are deciding to abandon their loan obligations even if they can afford the payments
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Finding the Best Condo for Your Money

Each week we will be featuring a new tip to help you take full advantage of the tools Homekeys has to offer. This week's tip is "Finding the Best Condo for Your Money." If you have any suggestions about tips you'd like to see, feel free to Contact Us.

Looking for a condo is a little different than looking for a home, since many units can be for sale in one building. In that event, each unit gets its own thumbnail, but they share a map marker. When you click on a map marker that has more than one unit for sale it will pop up a window with the available units listed.

You have the option to Load All in a New Window, which will pop up a new window with just the units in that building shown, or you can click on the unit that you want information for and its thumbnail will be selected on the left.

The Research Parcel can give you insight into the value of other units in your building, floor by floor. Click the Homekeys' Search  button in the top right corner of the map to activate the tool. When you click on a building you will get a list of the units inside. From there you can select a unit and get all the same information you would get from any other property. Again, you have the option to Load All In New Window. When you close the pop up window, a yellow box displays the number of units in that building.

Next week's tip - Searching by Place

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