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Should I Buy or Should I Rent?

Are you ready to buy a home? How do you know if you are ready? Should you rent? Buying an elephant and feeding an elephant are two different things but both are equally important. The first requires equity and financing and the second calls for a steady and stable cash flow... Read More

What's your home worth?
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Lennar Buys Distressed Loans from FDIC
Home builder Lennar Corp. has struck a deal with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that could help the firm replay its success investing in troubled loans.
Commercial Mortgage Failures Threaten System
Over the next few years, a wave of commercial real-estate loan failures could threaten America's financial system.
Choose Your Housing Counselor Wisely
The message here is that anyone considering using an outside third party, especially one that charges for its services, should check them out with the authorities before proceeding.
Rates on Fixed-rate Mortgages, 5-year ARM Drop
The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage slipped below 5% again this week, marking the third week in 2010 that it has been lower than that level.
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At Homekeys we provide you with the tools to make you a more successful real estate agent - Homekeys' systems and tools will provide you with a competitive advantage and facilitate the entire real estate process.

  • Homekeys provides you with both buyer and renter leads.
  • Homekeys provides you with your own co-branded state of the art website.
  • Homekeys provides you with a state of the art CRM Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • Homekeys provides you with unlimited support.
  • Work from home!
  • Must be a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent.

Learn more about Homekeys and how you can find success as a Homekeys Sales Associate.


Best Deals

Homekeys instantly identifies the "undervalued properties" by displaying search results comparing the "list value" with the "estimated value".

Top 10 condo/townhomes under 250k in Naples
Top 10 condos under 300k in Brickell
Coral Springs
Coral Springs
Top 10 homes under 300k in Coral Springs
View Best Deals in other areas.


Finding the Best Rentals for Your Money

Each week we will be featuring a new tip to help you take full advantage of the tools Homekeys has to offer. This week's tip is "Finding the Best Rentals for Your Money." If you have any suggestions about tips you'd like to see, feel free to Contact Us.

Searching for Rental properties is very similar to searching properties for sale. Under the Search Listings tab you need to make sure to select Search Type: Search MLS Rentals. Once you've done that, you can proceed to conduct a search like you normally would. Enter a city, neighborhood, zip, address, mls number or search using the map.

One thing that's different is the way ValueSearch works. Instead of ranking the listings above or below estimated value, ValueSearch compares the estimated value to the annual rent to determine the Best Rental Deals. The lower the percentage, the better the deal!

Again, by default, the results are sorted by the best deals. If you want to change the sort then use the drop down boxes above the listings result. The best deals will always be used as the second search criteria, so if you choose to sort by community, you will get the best deals in that particular community first.

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